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Assessment & evaluation

IQLS - Assessment & evaluation
IQLS - Assessment & evaluation

Besides laboratory system evaluation, IQLS also proposes other types of assessment exercises :

  • Laboratory asessessment
  • Training curriculum assessment
  • Technicians and laboratory workers proficiency assessment
  • Specific TB laboratory network assessment

Tools used by IQLS to perform the asessessments are adapted to the country needs, MoH and country leadership goals and requests. Each tool is available simultaneously in different languages.

A core team of local asessors is trained. The new trained local assessors will  perform the assessment in collaboraton with IQLS consultants and will be able to perform the future ones on their own.

IQLS also proposes laboratory blueprinting (including or not facility design recommendations) and GIS display of laboratory assessed, including indicators, equipment available, staffing level and diagnosis capacities.