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IQLS Staff
Dr. Antoine PIERSON
President and Chief Scientific Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Ms. Maïmouna TRAORE
Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Aazam ZANDI
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Arnaud ORELLE
Laboratory Specialist, EQA program Coordinator
Dr.Pauline Lévigne
MD, Medical Microbiologist
Dr. Cécile Guillerme
PharmD, Medical Microbiologist and Quality Specialist
Administrative Assistant
IQLS Team - Dr. Antoine PIERSON

Dr. Antoine PIERSON

President and Chief Scientific Officer

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Dr. Antoine Pierson has 20 years of experience in the laboratory, quality and public health fields. As a Laboratory Strenghening Specialist, he has worked for organizations, such as WHO, European Union, and World Bank as well as consultancy agencies and universities. He is also an expert in packing his suitcase as he has worked in more than 40 different countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Dr Pierson holds, a PharmD, and is a medical microbiologist specialized in bacteriology, parasitology and quality assurance. He is also proficient in hematology, immunology/serology and clinical chemistry.

Dr Pierson is an action–oriented laboratory specialist and efficiently helps partners and clients implement their programs or ideas. His high-quality standards result in perfectly adapted solutions.

His clients say " Dr. Antoine Pierson's broad expertise in laboratory strengthening activities, with their associated and often complex project assignments, is manifest to everyone who has the pleasure of working with him ".