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Tuberculosis Laboratory Network assessment, Niger

Date: From Jun 07, 2017 to Jul 07, 2017

The objective of the assignment is to assess the current state of the TB laboratory network in Niger and provide short term and medium-term recommendations to improve patient access to high quality TB diagnostics for the timely start to appropriate treatment.

The tasks include:

- The review and compilation of recent available reports and plans from the National TB programme, National TB Refernce Laboratory and from partners

- An in country assessment of the different components (QMS, infrastructure, supervison, monitoring, staff, supplies, equipment and maintenance, collaborations, budget, biosafety, diagnostic, algorithms, etc.) of the TB laboratory network

- Development of drafted recommendations, in country presentation to National TB Programme and National TB Refernce Laboratory and relevant partners

- Report including recommendations with inputs from TB Programme and National TB Reference Laboratory and relevant partners, roadmap for TB diagnostics and action plan to address the gaps.