IQLS is a consulting agency created by Dr. Antoine Pierson and which aims at promoting and strengthening laboratory activities worldwide.

Why "Integrated" ?
Integrated laboratory strengthening activities provide the best outcomes. Laboratory strengthening need to be achieved in an integrated way in order to have the best impact on the targeted laboratories: standardized evaluations and audits, dedicated training modules, Quality Assurance implementation, Proficiency Testing, data and record management, supply management, software development, etc.

Why "Quality" ?
Quality Assurance and excellence are the key to ensuring that modern and reliable laboratories provide diagnostic services that are reliable and trustworthy, even in resource-limited settings. Quality diagnostic services enable clinicians to make the best possible use of patients' results, as well as allow first-rate and targeted public health actions to be carried out.

IQLS is supported by a multi-cultural team of international consultants and specialists. IQLS's areas of expertise include laboratory management, laboratory Quality Assurance, Proficiency Testing, laboratory policies, and medical database programming. IQLS gives prompt and professional answers to all laboratory-related questions.

The IQLS team has over 15 year's experience in laboratory science around the world (in more than 40 countries on three continents). IQLS works with world renowned health organizations and funding agencies.





NEWS: Poster presentation on TB Laboratory Management earns first prize at IUATLD regional conference

The first prize was awarded to a poster on TB Laboratory Management prepared jointly by IQLS-FIND-CDC Vietnam- and presented during the 4th Conference of The Union Asia-Pacific Region, held from 10-13 April 2013 in Hanoi, Vietnam.